Digital Marketing Trends and Modules

What is Digital Marketing? And why it is trending?


Why should you read this article and what is the use of it?


A lot of you might be having a question in your mind about what digital Marketing is, how is it useful, what is the difference between marketing and digital marketing, who can do digital marketing, what are the topics covered in digital marketing and why it is trending now. All such type of questions in your mind will be answered after you have finished reading this article.


What is Digital Marketing?


According to us marketing means selling the product using various advertising methods to sell the product or by sending a person from door to door (For Example Salesman) and explaining them about our product is called as marketing, how irritating would that be, but digital marketing is quite different from it. You will be using the various digital platform for selling and advertising any product in an easier and smooth way. Nowadays almost every person has a profile on various digital platforms. As per December 2000, only 361 million people were using internet i.e. only 5.8% of the Population and as per December 2017, 4,157 million people are using internet i.e. 54.4% of the population. As per the reports, India will be in the top position for the no of internet users, nearly 75% of Population will be using the internet. 


How is it useful? 


In the upcoming world, each and everything will be digitized, which means every company will be needing a digital marketing team to promote their product which will help them to create their own brand awareness in the market. Digital Marketing helps to create trust in the consumer. It gives a high ROI (Return of Investments). The cost of promoting and advertising is less when compared to the traditional marketing (For Example T.V, Radio, newspaper). You can target a large number of audience in a very less time as compared to traditional marketing. Digital marketing helps you to make use of proven strategies or technique that attracts not just any traffic but highly targeted traffic which delivers the results. 


What is the difference between marketing and digital marketing?


Marketing includes people, money and more manpower to do any task and to complete it. ROI (Return of Investment) is very low which affects the pricing of our product. The advertisement cost is also high, such as preparing brochure, visiting cards, templates, banners and many more such things are required. In marketing, the way of making strategies or technique is highly complex and implementing it in real-time needs a lot of investment, to which we have no surety of returns and it takes a long time to get the results. In traditional marketing, we cannot target the audience that easily and it’s very hard to convert leads to the clients/customers.In Digital marketing, the manpower is very less, ROI (Return of Investment) is high when compared to traditional marketing which results in lowering the price of the product and the advertisement cost is also low. We can reach a wide range of people in a very less time. Digital Marketing is great to build trust with the clients. We target the audience as per the requirement, which helps to generate more no of leads. In Digital marketing we can make several strategies and implement it in a very less time and with a very low costing. 


Who can do Digital Marketing?


Digital marketing is not specified to any stream or to any particular qualification we just need a basic knowledge of computer. Digital marketing adds extra skill to your knowledge. I have mentioned below who can benefit from digital marketing


Student: Students can enter into any enterprise or MNC as a digital marketer to promote their brand in different areas and can help the start-ups to build the brand in this highly competitive world.


Job Seekers: It is a great opportunity for the job seeker because there is a high requirement for digital marketing executive in the present market.


Professionals/ job changing: The person who wants to change their field can also learn digital marketing. Professionals who are thought to increases their knowledge of the latest marketing strategies can also learn digital Marketing.


CEO’s: Learning Digital Marketing will give them an extra knowledge about the market and will help them to take discussion.Business Developers: It is highly profitable to the business developers as they are the main reason for developing/increasing the business for any company.


IT Professionals: Personals working in IT sectors can also get great benefits by taking up digital marketing training. A lot of businesses are coming forward to spend a good deal of money and being an IT professional with digital marketing skills can get you hired easily in large business firms.


Other/ Freelance: Anyone with a knowledge of basic computer can do digital marketing and improve their skills in Digital marketing, can either get placed in a good company or earn good money working on their terms as a freelancer. 


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What are the topics covered in digital marketing?


There are many modules in digital marketing, some of them are mentioned below: 


§  SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

§  SMM (Social Media Marketing)

§  SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

§  E-Mail Marketing

§  Google Analytic

§  Affiliate Marketing

§  Inbound Marketing  


SEO (Search Engine Optimization): 


SEO is the process of bringing the quality and quantity of traffic on the website using organic search engine optimization. SEO can be done by two methods i.e. on-page, off-page. 


ON-PAGE SEO:Any changes done on the website using various tools is known as on-page SEO. On page SEO is done using keyword Analysis, meta-type description, meta-tag, Content, uploading images on the website, mentioning the upcoming events and many more changes which can be done on website internally.


OFF-PAGE SEO:Any changes done outside the website is known as off-page SEO. The various methods used in off-page SEO are:


§ Directory Submission

§ Blog

§ Guest Blogging

§ Social bookmarking

§ Classified submissions


SEO is the main reason for page rank. It will increase the traffic on your website.  


SMM (Social Media Marketing):


Social Media Marketing is one of the most popular ways of marketing in the present world, almost every other person has an account on at least two social media platforms. In this, we target a wider audience. Some of the most popular used social media platforms are mention below:


§ Twitter

§ Facebook

§ Instagram

§ LinkedIn

§ WhatsApp

§ YouTube and many more



Twitter helps the companies to promote their product with a short post of 280 characters, which is called a tweet. Twitter helps you to share images, GIF, videos and much more.



Facebook is another social media Platform which is very easy to access, and a huge number of audience are engaged in this. Facebook helps us to promote our brand with more detailed information using various forms such as images, videos and by creating a social company page, which helps us to maintain our brand and visibility on the social platform. As per May 2015, over 93% of companies use Facebook to promote the brand.



Instagram is also similar to Facebook, but the engagement ratio is 15 times greater than Facebook and 25 times greater than Twitter. As per May 2014, over 200 million people are having an account on Instagram, as per 2018 there is 1000 million user, according to reports over 95% population will be holding an account in Instagram by 2020. Today’s audience will remember more of what they see that reading a matter/content, i.e. the reason why the latest companies are going for infographic which means the pictorial representation of the content.



LinkedIn is the professional-business related networking site, where the people build a professional network and even brand their company in a professional way. It is a most trustworthy platform on social media than any other social networking sites. It will allow building the company page as Facebook to brand their product and conversation ratio will be higher compared to various other social media sites.



YouTube helps to promote our product via videos, we can create our own channel and brand our product, and we can even run ads which help to the target number of audiences, Many others:There are many other social media platforms such as Snapchat, Yelp, and Tumblr so on. Which also help in the promoting the product in various forms. 


SEM (Search Engine Marketing):


Search Engine Marketing increases the visibility of the website and promotes the website on the various search engines. Search Engines are nothing but the place where we search our requirements such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu (China search engine) and many more. SEM includes Google AdWords and keyword search. Keywords are words which we enter in the search bar to get our result. It may be the short tail and long tail.


Example: Digital Marketing is a short tail Keyword whereas                 

Top Digital Marketing Institute in Hyderabad is long tail keywords which act as a filter for your search. 


Google AdWords is an online advertisement service provided by Google which helps us to promote our brand (product) by advertising it. It consists of PPC (Pay per Click), cost per acquisition (CPA). As per the latest news, Google AdWords will soon be called Google Ads. 


E-Mail Marketing:

E-Mail Marketing is the process where we approach the audience through electronic mails, here in this we target only the audience who are decision makers. It is one of the direct approaches to the audience. The conversion ratio is higher than any other module in digital marketing. Mail Chimp is one of the best tool used in E-Mail marketing.


Google Analytics:

Google Analytics is a Google tool which helps us to know the traffic on our website, it gives us a complete overview about the website like a number of the page view, average page session, bounce rate, new search rate. For a good website, the bounce rate is low.


Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting other people’s (or company’s) products. You find a product you like, promote it to

others and earn a piece of the profit for each sale that you make.Inbound Marketing:Inbound marketing is the stage where the customer them self-search about us and come and contact us without any advertising and promoting, it only happens when our conversion ratio is good and we are more trustable in the market when compared to others. 

The process of inbound marketing is to attract -> convert -> close.


Why is it trending right now?


As we all know that India is in its digitization stage and as per our Prime Minister (Narendra Modi), we’ll soon be a Digital Nation. All the companies are

quickly moving from traditional marketing to digital marketing.


For Example, Flipkart was launched in India in 2007, but it came in the booming stage after 2015 and even Amazon was launched in 2012 but it’s only now that both these e-commerce brands are at the booming stage.


Every company in India is undergoing digitalization which means there’ll be a requirement of Digital marketing executives in the job market. 


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