Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Every Business or Non-Business Organization have to communicate with New or

Old Clients Regularly. 


We all know that traditionally business and other people used to distribute pamphlets to market their products and services… this process modernized and turn

into digital and formed email marketing. It is also known as permission-based

marketing. Senders are asking permission to market their offerings to receivers.


Buying Email Database and Sending Emails is not Emails is not Email



Opening a Gmail Account and Sending emails to People is not email



Sending an email to one on one by introducing products and services is

email marketing.


Email Marketing is not only promoting the offerings but also educating people about products and services, communicating with them about their wants and their growth. Finally helping the customers to fulfill their needs.


The more you help the more you contribute then the more people will subscribe you and follow you. Then there is more chances to retain the customers who fulfilled their requirement with Organizational Offerings.


Here I am Giving information about Six Types of Email Marketing.


 Different types of email marketing:


Newsletter subscribing: (Opt-in): Periodic newsletters from Amazon, Flipcart and different types of sites about offers and Products. You are getting this type of newsletters because you opted for it to get details about products or services on your own.


By Newsletters: Business entities can send Offers; you can receive the latest Blogs and Trends. Festival and Other Personal Wishes.


Suggested Tools: Mail Chimp & Send Grid


Drip Marketing: we are experiencing some Subscribing options for free classes, webinars

and course material in Websites and other pop-up sections. Once we register by

it we can automatically enroll for that and they start sending emails containing course material and other course content links by chain process. if you open Lesson: 1 they mention like a click or respond here for lesion: 2 like this you can navigate into one by one lesson. it is purely basing on your behavior. Your performance by visiting these mails knows that how loyal you towards that offerings. That’s why this type of Email marketing is also known as Behavior Base Marketing. 


Drip Email Marketing is Best for Automation.           


Suggested Tools: Drip & Aweber.


One to One Email Marketing: emails sending on personalized one to one basis come into this type of email marketing. It Works best for B2B Communication. This is the best Business Development Tool.


In this type of emails, we have to introduce our self in brief. After we have to mention about receiver next start the main thing like why your product or service exists? How it helps them to fulfill their needs. Finally, Request for their response.


Eg: LinkedIn Messages.


Freebie offering: It is a type of email marketing where people regularly subscribing to the blogs and then they are getting free e-books and another type of knowledge

gaining material.


Cold-mailing: this type of email marketing is similar to Cold calling, it Builds a smart relationship between company and Client. It means not sending messages just like Hi, Hello, how are you, would you want to buy etc. You have to explain clearly and directly about your offerings to the clients. If not, they will place your mail into Trash.

Better to personalize each mail according to convenience to eradicate spamming.


Support or transactional email marketing: This is not sales orientation or transactional

communication. This email marketing mainly used to confirm the purchase information or ticket bookings or service

information etc. this type of email marketing has significant value in

customer’s journey. 


Hope you all gained some Valuable information about email marketing. To

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