Google Ad Extensions and Uses

Brand awareness is always necessary for a business If brand is known, Products/Services must be shown. If products are known, their uniqueness is to be said like this advertisement is required at each and every stage of a business. Unlike the past, now everything has gone online, extent of online ads is more cost effective and less time taking to reach more people. Online ads are generally given in search engines. So, first best search engine is to be chosen out of many in the internet.Of course, Google is the best platform. Whole thing involved in ad posting is Google AdWords, recently changed its name to Google Ads.So, while posting ads in google, if we use some ad extensions, if will give us more advantage. 


 Why Extensions? Name ‘Extensions’ Says they are will be used in extending and expanding something. That expansion is options in google ads. 


We can give more options and additional information using these ad extensions.


Let’s see some of the useful Ad Extensions types:


  1. Location Extensions: 

Location extension makes some space in your ad for adding your location i.e., your address. 

First part we try to do with customers is, making them comfortable and building trust that they are in right place. 

Now-a-days fake accounts and fake businesses are increasing day by day. 

It’s not that just showing our address builds trust in the person and they directly purchase from us, but at least they believe that we do exist no matter we are in their place or not. 

I think I said making them comfortable is also the thing we do with customers, yes we are. Personal meeting is always better than telephonic or video chat. If customer is nearby he/she can come over to check our office and employees.

Now, a question may arise from software companies that we don’t require physical presence as we only offer our service online. Yes, you are right but client need to check whether the money they are investing is going in the right hands or not.


2 Call Extensions:

Imagine yourself as a customer and you want to know about some product. When you search for a product, there will be number of choices before you. Suppose you found an interesting listing and you want to contact them. For that you need to search for their website or email ID for contacting them, how frustrating it is to surf the website, take contact number and call them. And there is some listing which has a button which shows call now option in its ad itself and with just one tap you can contact them. 


Which one will you choose to try first? Of course the second listing which has call now option. Here comes role of call extension, in this we can add that option of contacting us,contact number may be shown or hidden in ad. 

3. Social Extensions:

The way a product awareness is done to large extent is changed now. Previously we need to advertise outdoors like newspapers, banners, billboards and in televisions, radios, etc.  Now trend has been changed, a medium called social media has gone viral now for connecting business people and the market, which is more cost effective and high reach than that of the previous methods. We can change our target audience according to our business requirement, and the way we approach each set of customers can be personalized.  If you are active on social media, then we can expect good amount of leads from the market, anyway converting leads to clients depends on business people obviously.  Social extensions allows us to attach our social media links to our ads i.e., user can directly go our social media pages by one click. If we have more followers for our social media profile, we can add that too which attracts customers. 


4. Product Extensions: 

In today’s world everything is a choice. There will be wide number of options for one product or service. One need to choose from that, one like one feature another like some other. So, marketers need to provide different options to the customer when he/ she searches for a particular product.  Product extensions provides space for us to add types of products that may be different Sizes,Colors, Prices, etc.  If your product have seller ratings or consumer ratings, it is better to include those things because a survey says more than 70% users buy afterseeing good reviews and ratings.  


5. Site links extensions:

If customer wants to visit our website, they need not go to search engine, surf our website and go. With this site extensions, we can redirect customer to our website pages to which ever page they want to check. That may be portfolio, blogs,contact us page, about us etc.  This is also a type of bringing customer to their comfort zone, they can directly go to the page they are searching for.  For example,if you want the user to re direct to the contact us form, you can place your landing page link over there in the ad and if user fills the form, we can contact them for business purpose and clear their doubts and requirement.  

site link extensions

6.Offer Extensions: 

Another interesting extension which attracts customers is Offer extension, you have offer at store but who knows it? Only people surrounding the store or visitors of the store. If we have something better than that of our competitors, why can’t we show case that to search engine audience. In offer extensions we can add our offers, discounts, cash backs etc.      


7.Callout Extension:

Business runs on the word ‘differentiation’, world only sees how different are we, which areas we perform better, what is that point which is taking us to the top position in the market? We need to tell that specialty to the audience. Dictionary meaning of callout is “to shout something, especially when you are trying to get someone’s attention”. Callout extension does the same work, it grabs one’s attention. Just good choice of words is needed.   


callout extensions

8 Click to text extensions: 

This extension is similar to call extension, but here person can text us their words, instead of calling. Some users may lose interest or get frustrated if the number is busy, or not reachable due to some network issue. Some may think giving their number is not that safe, some may be comfortable in chat than telephonic conversation. So, we can include a button as an option in the ad, with which they can contact us through text. 


9 App Extensions: 

There are 125 million formal micro, small and midsize businesses in the world, including 89 million in emerging markets. There are only 3 million apps till now. That means, the one who has mobile app or web app for their business is the special one in the market. Using mobile app is also very compatible than that of websites, it is known fact than percentage of the purchases from mobile app are always high than through websites. Then, if you have mobile app in play store it’s not enough, one need to make people use that. With App Extension, once can include their mobile app install button in their ad. 


10 Structured snippet extensions: 

In callout extension, one can only focus on one unique feature of yours, but with snippet extension, we can add more than features or services.It is called ‘structured’ because it is well structured with ‘Header’ and ‘a List of Values’. One has to make sure that header and values must match, if not google will not approve it. 

Structured snippet extensions

11 Dynamic Search Ad Extension: 

They say fruit after long wait is sweeter. Yes, you have gone through all the extensions, here is the best of all. While using all the extensions, we need to give the apt content, but using this extension gives us an advantage. Google takes terms related to titles and keywords from our website, and generate an apt title for your ad.If someone searches for relevant information also it shows our ad on the top. If you are reading this, then it’s time for add-on information to your knowledge book. The one we will see now is not ad extension, but a chrome extension which helps your help in running your ad smoothly. Keywords Everywhere- Keyword tool:This tool helps you to find best keyword for your ad by giving search volume and Cost per click / Pay per click data for the searched keyword.  hat means, if we search for a keyword, it shows how much that keyword is being searched for and even displays its cost per click value. With that data, we can plan accordingly, based on our requirement, location and budget. This helps lot during ad planning. Keywords: AdWords, ad extensions, keyword, google, business.

Dynamic Search Ad Extension