Google Ads

Google Ads or Google Adwords (old name) – online advertising done by the top search engine Google, where the users pay for displaying their business in form for search , display ads.

google ads

Google AdWords in July 2018 got a new name Google Ads. It’s the same product with a new packaging, i.e., a new logo. It contains full range of advertising products of Google – Search engine ads, YouTube ads, Google Play Store ads, Google Maps and browsing content across the web.


Adwords was first formed 18 years ago as a way for people to connect their businesses online. With Google Ads the intention is to help businesses of all sizes to connect with their customers on all their channels and partner sites.


Small businesses can now create smart campaigns with the help of tailored ad technology. Ad creation can be done in few minutes to achieve real time results like getting phone enquiries, bringing leads to your site or customers to your store.


When it comes to understanding the key functioning area of Google Ads, a lot of people think its just the search ads. The presence of additional channels on the same interface has caused a lot of confusion in the past. People have no idea that their video ads, banner ads, and display ads are all served from the same platform.This is considered as the most effective platform for targeting ads as per your audience. The ads reach the right customer at the right time, eg: if you are a Salon, when a customer searches for beauty treatments – ads for salons are shown. It’s a win-win scenario for both the business and the customer.Google hopes that this new, simpler name will usher in understanding and leave the door open to expand advertising options without confusion in the future. 


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