Meme Marketing

Meme Marketing-The quirky way to Drive Social Engagement 

We all at some point have encountered a meme. Over the years they have become a fundamental part of our digital landscape. It’s become a viral trend spreading like wildfire on all social media platforms, which is why the marketers have adapted it as part of their

marketing strategy.


I’m sure that all of you would have come across a meme, but some may not be aware of the term. So, for them and others out there let’s go back in time.


The word “meme” was coined by Richard Dawkins in 1976. He argued that virality didn’t just apply to infectious diseases, but also in societal settings. Hence using the word to explain the spread of cultural information. 


Today, memes have become a genre of their own in our digital environment. It can come in various forms –image, hyperlink, GIFs, videos. Being typically humorous in nature, they are copied and spread rapidly by Internet users, often with slight variations. The most popular ones are usually an image with text on it, this is also the one usually recognized as a meme.

Video memes are also very viral. These are videos which incite the viewers to participate with a challenge, creating a chain reaction. Examples of which would be the Kiki challenge, Harlem shake, Mannequin challenge etc.


People are better able to connect with companies/brands that communicate feelings, attitudes and situations. Memes have become a part of pop culture, making it the best way to connect with youngsters. The increasing popularity of this genre has led to brands adopting “it” as their Marketing Strategy.


Before you jump on the band wagon of pop culture and start with meme marketing here are a few things to be kept in mind for creating a viral sensation


  1. Be Relatable


One of the most important steps is to ensure that you connect with a wider audience by creating content that is liked by all demographics. This is done by keeping it clever, fun,

recent or even by being irrelevant to the brand. You just need to get the people hooked to increase the shareability of the meme. Thus, getting you loyal followers for the brand


2. Stay away from Promotion, focus on Engagement


Brands need to understand that they need to balance on the thin line between promotion and engagement. Let’s take millennials as an example- if a brand is looking to connect with

millennials they should know that, the millennials don’t trust advertisers who promote directly. Rather coming up with a clever meme idea and slipping in your promotional message or logo is what works best with them. Such content has more chances of being shared.


3. Keep it Hot


To spark virality, the content creators must be quick on their feet. This means they need to express the topical event in terms of a funny meme. Fresh and trending news topics tend

to get the most shares online.


4. Use the Right Visuals


By now you must know that Meme’s are all about the visuals. Therefore, using the correct image plays a crucial role. It is advisable to stick to a popular visual that has already left a mark in the minds of the people. 


5. Correct Time


There are memes which have been around for years. If you decide to use existing ones just make sure it’s still trendy and the copy (the accompanying text) is original. When creating a

new one, ensure that the cultural climate is right, other wise you may come off as insensitive to certain issues.


As we were talking about being relevant, here are few hit Memes in recent times which took the net by storm: 


  1. If you don’t love me at my.. 


Meme This trending format was used by a lot of popular brands to gain the audience’s attention. It was a comparison format, which was liked and shared by a lot of users. Some of the major brands who used this meme are Netflix, Lays, Pepsi, Cisco etc.




2. The Awkward Hug 


A monumental moment in the Indian Parliament, when Rahul Gandhi hugged PM Narendra Modi of the Opposition party. This hug generated a series of Memes titled ‘the Awkward hug’. People and brands went berserk with their creatively hilarious memes.

RG modi

3. Radhika Apte Omnipresent The popular Indian actress Radhika Apte’s presence in back to back projects for Netflix India seemed to have a become a case of National Issue. Without skipping a beat brands jumpedin on the opportunity of Viral marketing. It was triggered by Zomato and Netflix, while the other brands gave it their own twist. 


0Other honorable mentions 


Neymar’s Fifa 2018 fall


Oscar 2017 



Money Demonetization 



Modi Meme:  



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