Social Media has become a common place for a lot of people to interact and share content, but today its more than that. With the evolution of e-commerce, the marketing tactics too have evolved. Now the aim is to grab the attention of the target user where they spend their most time – ‘Social Media’.



This has turned Social Media platforms into a virtual market place. The use of these platforms for promotion of products, services or website is known as Social Media Marketing. Interaction on such platforms is given more weightage as it is more personalised. It gives the brand/ company an opportunity to reach out to their current customers, potential customers, stakeholders, bloggers etc. 


Unlike traditional marketing, here your messaging can be targeted to a specific audience. Even the ad campaigns on social media have a wider and more targeted reach, which means you pay to reach the right people. Giving you the bang for your buck!


Besides this the social features of News feed and Discover, create more chances for you to get noticed. The e-word of mouth has the power to capture a Global audience. The more shares on social media means the more eye balls captured.  


SMM is also used to support SEO by link building. The basic principle of Organic search is that when a website or its connected social page is more active, it will rise in the search results.If we take into consideration the fact that 90% of users searching on the net, do not steer away from the first page. The goal to rank on the first page becomes our only aim. In this module we don’t just tell you about the various platforms but teach you strategies to be used in different situations. If you are willing to become a social media success, then join our course now.